ON-AIR Workshop

Presenting the 2019 ON-AIR Workshop

The 2019 ON-AIR Workshop is a series of independent and collective classes to get you camera ready for a variety of media platforms.

Led by Joey Salmingo with notable guest speakers from within the industry, and whether you’re amateur or experienced, this workshop will introduce you to a unique set of skills and cognizance to live and unscripted presentations. You’ll learn how to navigate through any and most live on-air presentations, guest appearances, product representations or even your personal vlog.

Like the performing arts, there is a certain level of discipline and work ethic involved when the red light is on. This workshop will guide you through the necessary steps to adhering to these disciplines — unlike the performing arts, however, if you only have one chance to represent yourself, you’re going to need to do it as authentic and as accurate to your personal representation as possible.

There is a common misconception that acting and hosting are the same thing — Joey will show you how they couldn’t be further from each other.

Who is this workshop for?

The ON-AIR Workshop is for anyone looking to learn or enhance their skills with live, on and off air presentations.

Actors are encouraged to add this workshop to their studies in performance arts as a way of expanding their skills in on-air presentations, interviews and press junkets.

Vloggers and social media influencers will see a true benefit in this workshop as a way for them to be engaging to their audiences within their own LIVE broadcasts, as well as brand sponsorships.

Classes Breakdown

ON-AIR (I): Roles & Skills
Technical Breakdown (i): Directors, Producers, Talent
Technical Breakdown (ii): Cameras, Microphones & Cameras with Microphones
Roles Breakdown (i): Host vs Guest vs Guest Host
Red Light Special: “The Art of the Endless Talk”

ON-AIR (II): Presentation & Representation
Technical Breakdown (iii): Shot List & Duties
Roles Breakdown (ii): Host vs Guest vs Advocate
The Art of the Dance (i): (Learning to Speak to ‘HER’)
The Art of the Dance (ii): (Camera Conversations)
Red Light Special: “Go With What You Know”