My Sister


Joanna Frances Salmingo-Fontaine
March 10, 1988 - August 24, 2018

On August 8th, my sister accidentally reacted to her nut allergy from a dessert she purchased from Whole Foods. She always carried an updated EpiPen®, but that night, it didn’t seem to work. We can only assume that it bought her enough time for her to notify us that something was seriously wrong. We were all home to tend to the emergency.

Her reaction caused her airway to swell and eventually lose consciousness. We lost her pulse for a significant period of time and while the fast actions of CPR by my mother (a working nurse of 40 years), and the continued actions of EMS crews when they arrived were of medical grade care, too much time had been lost. Repercussions led to permanent brain damage from oxygen deprivation - irreversible by current conventional western medicine. This led to eventual brain death over a period of 17 days in ICU.

The love and support from our families, friends, relatives and in some cases, complete strangers outweigh our grief and sorrow. Our happy memories of my sister and her selflessness and generosity, completely mirror that of a saint and we could not be more proud to offer my sister the opportunity to give the gift of life to those that await a second chance. On August 25th, she fulfilled those wishes thanks to Trillium Gift of Life Network.

She has taught us valuable lessons in love, family and support, but most of all, she has taught me what it truly means to be wealthy. Her IG handle being @TheGirlWanderz makes so much sense now. Good luck on your eternal wander, my sweet baby sister.

Thank you kiddo. Thank you my angel. We know you’ll always watch over us with that soft smile and tender cadence. I love you. We love you. Forever.

As tragic and as unexpected as the events were, we see so much light, love and an overwhelming feeling of joy and pride in what Joanna has accomplished in her life here with us. Our hearts are full, just as our Jojo would want them to be and it goes without saying that she was always the type of person to connect people through her tender cadence.

So, we celebrate her life and her accomplishments with friends, family, relatives and the people who started as strangers, but are now a part of our lives thanks to our superhero connection.

Our family has founded ‘The F.A.T.E. Initiative’
The Food Allergy Training & Education Initiative


This is a high-impact educational forum on the severity of food-related allergies causing anaphylaxis. The forum contains research-based facts and information led by medical professionals and includes the analysis of diet and lifestyle choices that we make and take for granted, every single day. Most importantly, the forum will include epinephrine injection training, how-to and what to do, action & reaction, life-saving tactics as well as general education for present day living.

F.A.T.E offers free talks and seminars to all that inquire: Focusing on schools (students & faculty) and community centers (as public drop in courses), public venue staff of all kinds, as well as public care professionals (such as security guards & flight attendants). We are especially passionate about restaurants, food retailers, producers and distributors.

Because it is necessary.
F.A.T.E is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT initiative.

f.A.T.E Initiative Team

Founder/Lead Spokesperson (Joanna’s Brother)

Co-Founder/Registered Nurse (Joanna’s Mother)

Co-Founder/Supporter (Joanna’s Father)

Dietary & Nutritional Expert




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If you have any questions or enquiries, please contact me directly:
Text or call (323) 571-7219
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Our Initiative


This trauma to our family is something we never want anyone to experience ever again. Unfortunately, there are millions of people that suffer from life-threatening allergies to foodstuffs, no thanks to present-day agriculture.

We are conditioned to think that Epipen and Benadryl are reversals and antidotes to these real-life poisons. THEY ARE NOT. They only buy you time. A very short amount. But without proper knowledge, what will you do in that time?

There isn't enough awareness, training or knowledge about food-related allergies and we believe that most people are oblivious to the dangers of these comestible threats. These people sometimes include parents, friends, restaurant corporations, sometimes even medical professionals as well as the allergy sufferers themselves.

As the story goes, trauma inspires action: My sister's death inspired us to start this initiative to provide adequate training, awareness and education surrounding the growing epidemic of life threatening food borne allergens.

Your generosity will help buy creative materials, fund production costs for videos, cover travel expenses and most importantly, allow us to educate as we advocate for a safer allergy aware society. Using my established public platform with my network of industry professionals, including a network of family & friends in medicine, para-medicine, education, food-service and hospitality, we have all newly dedicated our lives to educating to preventing another tragedy caused by food-related allergies and anaphylaxis.

Ask questions.
Read every ingredient.
And NEVER take a chance on a "May Contain Traces" label.
It's not worth a life.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.
- Joey



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Sometimes your world gets turned upside down — it’s up to you to learn to adapt to the environment you’ve been given. You have to learn to re-direct the negative energy and turn it into something positive you can use.


Media Coverage

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Just a little over a week after I started a dialogue with The Lead Representative for Food Safety at Whole Foods Global Headquarters, a week later, it came to my attention that changes have been made. While I commend Whole Foods for their quick actions, I’m frustrated it took a fatality for changes to be made - the work doesn't stop here.


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This September 12th newscast from CTV News allowed our voices to be amplified. We couldn't be more grateful to Tracy Tong and the news team for giving us the opportunity to share the story of my sister Joanna and her fatal accident to raise concern about the need for more awareness in food production, labeling & retail distribution, especially at Whole Foods Market. This story originally aired for CTV Toronto and has since been picked up by other provinces for broadcast in their local CTV newscasts.


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My friend, Toronto restauranteur, entrepreneur and iHeartRadio Canada host, Zane Caplansky invited me on his radio show, "Let's Eat with Zane Caplansky" to share the story of my sister, Joanna - her tragic death from anaphylaxis caused by accidental ingestion of a dessert from Whole Foods Market that was made from cashew milk.


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Toronto's Breaking News, CP24 has invited me onto the Saturday Noon Hour segment to speak about my sister's death caused by anaphylaxis and the initiative we started as a family to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

This report aired LIVE on Saturday September 22, 2018


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CTV Morning Live in Regina, SK was kind enough to invite me in to talk about FATE.

This report aired LIVE on Wednesday October 24, 2018

Article Published September 20, 2018

Article Published September 20, 2018

With a reach of millions in the US and Canada, Toronto based, Allergic Living Magazine covers our story with a focus on the labeling of day-to-day consumer products. Click here.